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Established in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the company DMC-Luxembourg was founded in the spirit of a family-run business.

This young company, being both dynamic and innovative, consists of several engineers, salespeople and project managers.

Its strength comes from the competencies that it has acquired over a period of more than 20 years in the highly specialist field of gas detection.

This evolution is the result of its carefully considered choice of partners in order to enable the company to offer the most suitable response for each particular application…


DMC-Luxembourg is active in the sales, installation, maintenance and after-sale service for any type of toxic or explosive gas detection equipment for all types of portable or stationary systems.

With the support of the top manufacturers of gas detection systems, the company has been able to use the most sophisticated technologies in order to provide solutions for the most ambitious of projects.

Thanks to its rapid response, flexibility and competitivity, DMC-Luxembourg has become indispensable as a partner to its customers, both private individuals and industrial clients, who are concerned about ensuring their gas safety.

A toxic or explosive gas detection system that is correctly maintained, in accordance with well-defined procedures, is work for true, suitably qualified specialists.


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