Toxic and explosive gas detection

pH measurement and water analysis

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Gas Measurement.

The public is often unaware of gas detection applications, even though we are surrounded by them, even more so than we could possibly imagine:

  • Toxic Gases are by far the most dangerous as these are often odourless and colourless.For example, carbon monoxide in car parks, chlorine in swimming pools, and lack of oxygen in confined spaces… As these dangers form part of our daily life, they often appear to be non-existent even though they are indeed very real.
  • Explosive Gases must be detected in good time in order to ensure the safe evacuation of people and also the activation of the safety systems. The most frequent case is that of natural gas, which is used in various industrial or private applications in the course of production, and also occurs when it is produced naturally, such as for example, at treatment plants.

pH Measurement and Water Analysis.

Good water quality is vital to life, and this must therefore be preserved. The possibility of providing accurate readings for water acidity or ammonia content is also one of the very accurate applications often associated with refrigeration.


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